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There's a reason this light is so soothing: The Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are coated with Melanin.

This bulb will make you feel better. San Antonio-based Photoprotective Technologies has developed a new coating technology that uses synthetic melanin to soften the glare caused by compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL's). The melanin coating is applied to the surface of the CFL by ATR Lighting and the effect is quite unique. Placed in a standard room lamp, the new melanin-coated bulbs create a rich but calming light that has a slight green tone. The new technology is an outgrowth from the application of melanin to sunglass lenses where people have long-recognized melanin's ability to induce eye comfort by reducing glare and by preserving the perception of color.

The body's own light filter for vision. Melanin occurs naturally in the eye to protect against macular degeneration and also to reduce glare. Like the black coating inside a camera, melanin reduces glare by absorbing the excess light inside the eye cavity that would otherwise bounce around and interfere with our vision. Among the various wavelengths of light bouncing around inside the eye, it is the high energy visible (HEV) wavelengths - what the eye perceives as violet and blue - thta melanin filters the most. But we lose this melanin as we age - along with the anti-oxidant system that helps our vision deal with photo-oxidizing HEV light as it enters our eyes.

Increasing glare from lighting. Government-mandated legislation will cause extinction of the photo-benign incandescent light bulb. But the corresponding increase in the fluorescent light market could increase the threat of photo-damage to the skin and eyes and cause additional glare by these energy-saving bulbs. A joint project between ATR Lighting and Photoprotective Technologies uses the body's own sunscreen to filter the fluorescent light. See the Press Release

To order the new Melalumen CFL bulb with melanin, Contact Us or go to ATR Lighting.

See The Science for more details.

Still another new paradigm for vision by:

Photoprotective Technologies
6610 Topper Ridge
San Antonio, Texas 78233