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Home Melanin Coatings for CFL's Products Contact Us The Science is owned and operated by San Antonio-based Photoprotective Technologies (PPT). PPT has a long history of innovation in the field of photoprotection - protection against unwanted photochemistry. In simple terms, this means protection against damage from sunlight and artificial lighting

Since its inception, PPT has used Melanin as a a paradigm for developing a technology of photoprotection. This technology began with the development of a synthetic form of melanin that could be blended with the plastics commonly used to make sunglass lenses.

Today Photoprotective Technologies has more than twenty patents and patents pending in melanin-related technologies that have applications in sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses. Other applications include light filters for fluorescent and LED lighting to reduce glare and to protect both human tissue and valuable goods from damage.

Distributors Wanted!

PPT is looking for qualified distributors for the new Melanin-coated CFL bulb.

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Photoprotective Technologies
6610 Topper Ridge
San Antonio, Texas 78233