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The Science Behind Light-Armor Products with Melanin

Glare Reduction. When you reduce HEV - violet and blue - Light, you reduce glare:

1. J. Zuclich, “Veiling glare: the visual consequences of near-UV/blue light induced fluorescence in the human lens,” Ophthalmic Technologies XV. Edited by Manns, Fabrice; Soederberg, Per G.; Ho, Arthur; Stuck, Bruce E.; Belkin, Michael. Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 5688, pp. 440-447 (2005).

Eye Damage. When you reduce UV and HEV - violet and blue - Light, you reduce the risks of eye damage:

1. B. Godley, Journal of Biological Chemistry in June 2005, 280:21061-21066.

2. Fletcher AE, Bentham GC, Agnew M, Young IS, Augood C, Chakravarthy U, de Jong PT, Rahu M, Seland J, Soubrane G, Tomazzoli L, Topouzis F, Vingerling JR, Vioque J., Sunlight exposure, antioxidants and age-related macular degeneration. Arch Ophthalmol. 2008 Oct;126(10):1396-403.

Also see Dan Roberts at:

Skin Damage. When you reduce UV and HEV - violet and blue - Light, your reduce the risks of damage to the skin:

1. B. Mahmoud et. al., Effects of Visible Light on the Skin, Photochemistry and Photobiology, 84: 450-462 (2008).

2. M Denda and S Fuziwara, “Visible Radiation Affects Epidermal Permeability Barrier Recovery: Selective Effects of Red and Blue Light,” Journal of Investigative Dermatology (2008) 128, 1335–1336.

Damage to Valuable Goods. When you reduce UV and HEV - violet and blue - Light, you reduce the rate of damage to valuable goods - like Art Work, Foods, Furniture:

Color. When you reduce UV and HEV with a Melanin filter, you preserve the perception of color.:

1. J. Gallas and M. Eisner, pp 437-456, Eye protection from sunlight damage, in Sun Protection in Man, ed. P. Giacomoni. Elsevier, The Netherlands (2001).

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